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Comprehensive management solutions
HON offers its clients comprehensive management solutions, from the stage of planning the property until operating it as a revenue generating property – including maintenance and operation of all the services. Inter alia, our Company's services include:
• Consulting and participation in the professional discussions for planning properties prior to their construction.
• Providing consulting on the method of management, operation and management of properties.
• Examining the properties from the stage of receiving them for management, including a system's survey.
• Renovating/adapting properties in order to prepare them for leasing.
• Supervision of the operation and maintenance of properties.
• Breakdown maintenance, preventative maintenance and indoor facilities.
• Preparation of budgets to manage and operate properties and budget control.
• Locating tenants and signing lease contracts.
• Marketing and selling properties.
• Collecting rent, management fees, key money and other related payments, by virtue of the lease agreements and/or under the law.
• Insurance of properties and risk management.
• Handling legal matters.
• Representing owners with the various authorities.
• Payments to suppliers/service providers.
• Handling payments applying to property owners and income tax, VAT, real estate taxes, municipal rates, levies imposed by authorities, house committee taxes/management fees etc.
• Managing the books of account of the properties and/or the property owners.
• Periodic financial and management reporting to owners.
• Managing the rights registers.
• Registering properties in the Land Registry Bureau/ Israel Lands Administration/ housing companies. 

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